Phosphorus Collective

Phosphorus is a substance which glows when exposed to to the surrounding air, and produces light (in alchemical thought, Light is considered a form of spirit, or soul).’


Phosphorus is a Cardiff based art collective within Cardiff’s burgeoning art Scene, and is dedicated to the incubation of emerging, experimental artists and the DIY culture. Having cut their teeth in DIY and local spaces such as ‘Cardiff M.A.D.E gallery’ and ‘The Abacus’, Phosphorus Collective has earned itself a reputation amongst the DIY scene of Cardiff as a driving force as an autonomous DIY Art model.

Through exhibitions, events and happenings, Phosphorus Collective aims to create temporary artistic spaces in which artists, musicians, and those with an interest within the arts can come together to experience a multi-disciplinary cluster of different voices and perspectives from those who create, and those who experience.

Phosphorus has orchestrated a number of acclaimed shows before this in Cardiff. As well as taking part either individually or as a whole in exhibitions around Wales, and England.

Phosphorus consists of emerging artists & works with members of tactileBOSCH.