15 September - 1 October 2016

Cardiff M.A.D.E. Gallery, 41 Lochaber Street, Roath, Cardiff



Noun 1. The physical Structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal.
Verb 1. (formal) Give material form to something abstract


Noun 1. A measurable extent of a particular kind, such aslength, breadth, depth, or height.


Phosphorus Collective are hitting the ground running by taking over another space to bring together the members of their collective, as well as collaborating with artists from within tactileBOSCH, to showcase new, experimental work that tackles the intricacies of the inter-dimensional human experience.

What is a body? Is it that which you reside in, where the skin and flesh ends and everything outside of that point is not yourself? Or is it how you affect the world around you, your influence upon others, and is instead a constantly evolving and shifting concept, not unlike a consciousness?

Mabli Eustace | Heather Kirk | Rhys Scorey | Verity Jones Scott | Ethan Dodd

 Georgia Luckman | Miller Elliot | Magdalena Lackowska | Eloise Barratt | Sarah Padbury

 Helene Roberts | Yusuf Rustem | Richard Gravelle | Sam Wall | Megan Ferguson