A Cross Collaboration between Phosphorus Collective & Frontal Lobe

31st March 2017

Fluidity Freerun Academy, Unit G, Pengam Road, Cardiff


An experimental one night only cross-collaboration between Phosphorus Collective, Frontal Lobe & Fluidity Freerun Academy. 'Frazzled' brings together three aspects of DIY culture within Cardiff to curate and produce a multi-dimensional, immersive experience. Utilising an untapped space on the outskirts of Cardiff (Fluidity Freerun Academy) a challenging 8,000² ft warehouse space with warped, industrial surfaces and massive amounts of free space to utilise for immersive and entrancing Art installations.

Opening Event Entertainment:

Dutty Moonshine
Jenova Collective
Freear+Skinny Galizian
The Chalk Outlines
Boris a Bono 

HIGH WALLS - (Jarrell Pulsford - Frontal Lobe Resident DJ)

Images are property of Frazer Meek & Brandan Stokes.