'Viva La Moon'

 A Cross Collaboration between Phosphorus Collective & Frontal Lobe

05 May 2017

 Fluidity Freerun Academy, Unit G, Pengam Road, Cardiff


In remembrance of the recently closed 'The Full Moon' Club, and in support of the 'Creative Republic of Cardiff',  we are once again collaborating with Frontal Lobe to organise our third  event in Fluidity Freerunning Academy. The Same challenging Space, with different immersive installations, sculptures, digital and light works. Featuring new works from new and old members of the collective.

In support of Creative Republic of Cardiff, all bar staff, Promoters, DJ's and security get free entry. 

Palomino Party
We're No Heroes

Boston Music
Frontal Lobe Resident- HIGH WALLS

Images are property of Jon Butters & Sarah Padbury.